No sound from speakers

Dan Nicholson dbn.lists at
Tue Sep 12 06:45:23 PDT 2006

On 9/12/06, Richard Melville <richard.melville at> wrote:
> Thanks for the advice.  I'm following the BLFS 6.1 book (the current
> stable version) where there is no mention of the 15-alsa.rules script.

You may have reasons for following the stable book, but I would
suggest following the SVN book if you're using LFS-6.2. What version
of LFS are you using.

More importantly, are you using the hotplug package? What version of
udev are you using?

> I have, however, found this script mentioned in the svn-20060910 version
> of the BLFS book, where it appears to have taken the place of the
> script that the BLFS 6.1 book says to install.  This is very
> confusing.  Am I right or am I missing something?  Needless to say I do
> not currently have the 15-alsa.rules script installed, but I do have the
> script installed.

The script was used when hotplug and udev were installed
together. Hotplug handled dynamic devices, and it would use the alsa
script placed in /etc/dev.d. Nowadays, udev has completely deprecated
hotplug to the point where any of the dynamic actions are defined in
udev rules. But, that happened in between LFS-6.1.1 and LFS-6.2. So,
what version of LFS are you building on?


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