Xorg 7.1 ugly fonts

Alexander E. Patrakov patrakov at ums.usu.ru
Thu Jun 29 03:41:46 PDT 2006

Wilco Beekhuizen wrote:

> The fonts in xorg 7.1 look bad compared to xorg 6.9. I have this problem 
> since upgrading from 6.9 to 7.1. I followed the instructions for 
> Fontconfig, freetype and xorg exactly as stated in the book.
> These problems happen with the default xorg.conf (from Xorg -configure), 
> and even with no xorg.conf. I checked the font paths and they exist and 
> contain almost the same fonts as in xorg 6.9.
> The links in /usr/share exists like the book says.
> Any ideas?

"Ugly" is a very subjective word. In the past, such problems were caused by the 
reader not installing additional TTF fonts that don't come with Xorg. If 
installing DejaVu fonts according to the instructions in the book doesn't fix 
your problem, please post a screenshot of a small part of the screen (no more 
than 10 KB in PNG or JPG with 80% quality). Be sure to include the application name.

Alexander E. Patrakov

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