firefox compilation, some quirks

Chris Staub chris at
Wed Jun 28 00:43:56 PDT 2006

Andrey Voropaev wrote:
>> I didn't believe Alexander when he said no one reads the font
>> configuration section.  Now after about the 5th email this month were
>> someone failed to configure their fonts, I believe him.
>> Please read this section.
> No wonder. I've been there, seen that. But after looking thru first
> few items I've decided that this is not interesting, since kbd mouse
> and other things were already configured (I kept old configuration).
> So I missed the fonts part :)
>> However, you should have the /usr/share/fonts directory already if you
>> followed the instructions in the BLFS SVN book.  What version are you
>> using?
> I was using the stable BLFS. Installing all of the packages from BLFS
> is tedious work, so I usually just install those things that I want
> and of course all of the dependencies. So I guess it would be nice to
> have the part about creation of /usr/share/fonts as a dependency for
> firefox :) BTW where is it done? I couldn't find it.

What do you mean where is it done? This question was already answered 
above, by Dan. You configure fonts as described in the X Window System 
Components page. The /usr/share/fonts directory itself should be created 
by the installation of fontconfig...however, in the X installation 
described in stable BLFS, this is a non-issue as /usr/share/fonts isn't 
even used.

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