firefox compilation, some quirks

Andrey Voropaev voropaev.andrey at
Mon Jun 26 22:16:34 PDT 2006

Just in case, decided to share some expirience in building firefox.

First of all, the list of extensions for firefox may cause the
compilation problems during build. Looks like some of those extensions
expect more packages to be installed. So, after a bit of struggle I've
removed the explicit list and let the firefox build system to decide.
So, the building part was complete.

But running firefox for the first time was a bit tricky. It would
simply segfault. Here strace helped. First I saw that it was trying to
find .Xdefaults file or its equivivalent. I didn't have it. After
adding it the next stumbling block was searching for fonts directory.
Firefox wanted to find /usr/share/fonts (which I also didn't have) or
fonts for ghostscript (not installed yet). After adding symlink from
/usr/share/fonts to /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts the program finally
started and works fine.

I don't know if anyone else expirienced this, but I guess this is a
bug in firefox code. It shouldn't segfault when there's no fonts
directory found, I'd expect some error message printed.

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