wine-0.9.16 "requires" FontForge?

Lupine thelupine at
Thu Jun 22 10:35:42 PDT 2006

Is it true that the latest Wine now requires FontForge?  I'm now see
this upon configuring Wine:

configure: WARNING: FontForge is missing.
configure: WARNING: Fonts will not be built. Dialog text may be
invisible or unaligned.

...however, when I try to 'make' FontForge, I'm getting this error:
cvdebug.c: In function 'DVRegExpose':
cvdebug.c:230: error: 'struct TT_SizeRec_' has no member named 'metrics'
cvdebug.c: In function 'DVFigureNewState':
cvdebug.c:690: error: 'struct TT_SizeRec_' has no member named 'metrics'
make[1]: *** [cvdebug.o] Error 1

This happens on the latest stable and CVS packages from FontForge.
Anybody else having these issues?  FontForge/SourceForge mailing lists
are still down, so I can't investigate much further.


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