Getting in a mess with pats - X11 and fonts

Andrew Benton b3nt at
Mon Jun 19 05:32:50 PDT 2006

gena-j at wrote:
>    If you've installed Xorg in the default prefix listed above, run the following commands as the root user:
> ln -v -s ../X11R6/bin /usr/bin/X11 &&
> I don't understand what the target is i.e. the parent of X11R6 I need this link as /usr/bin/X11 currently doesn't exist.
> ln -v -s ../X11R6/lib/X11 /usr/lib/X11 &&
> This link is not required as /usr/lib/X11 is valid.
> ln -v -s ../X11R6/include/X11 /usr/include/X11

You don't need to make those three symbolic links. Because you've 
installed xorg into /usr, the binaries will be in /usr/bin, the libs in 
/usr/lib (so no need to change /etc/ and the headers are in 
/usr/include. For you /usr/X11R6 doesn't exist. If you did force those 
links to be made they would overwrite the files you have installed with 
broke symbolic links.

> As my fonts seem to be in /usr/lib/X11/fonts I was able to modify this one so that fc-cache and fc-list work and I now can see some fonts from the fc-list command.

Cool. That's good.

>   Thus I'm wondering what is the default path?  And what links do I need to create?

Sounds to me like you're done. Do you have a problem? Something giving 
you an error message?


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