missing euro-sign in KDE

Uwe Kramer kramer_u at gmx.net
Sun Jun 18 22:50:59 PDT 2006

Am Montag, 19. Juni 2006 00:42 schrieb Alessandro Alocci:
> You wrote,
> > I have a blfs-book-cvs-2006-06-08 system with KDE-3.5.3 and I cannot get
> > the euro-sign anywhere. It works on the text console and with twm, I can
> > also start xterm in KDE and it works, also OpenOffice and firefox are no
> > problem, but in all KDE apps - no euro.
> > I tried several option in the control centre but nothing works.
> > Does anybody know where to look for this?
> In kde you can check this:
> Control Center -> Regional & Accessibility -> Keyboard layout
> then select xkb options tab, enable xkb options and scroll down
> until "Adding the EuroSign to certain keys" and make your choice.
> If you select "Add the EuroSign to E key" you should have it mapped
> on AltGr+E.

Sorry, I don't have that option.

> Another little issue, not all characters seems to be able to show the
> euro sign, if I start konsole and select for example Courier 10 Pitch
> I don't see anything pressing AltGr+E, but if I select "Dejavu Sans Mono"
> or other character set I have the euro (€) sign.
> HTH, Alessandro Alocci

That is strange, because it works for me with Courier 10 Pitch but not 
with "Dejavu Sans Mono".
I also copied all fonts over from my old system and installed them with "Font 
Installer" in the Control Center via Administrator Mode and user mode, but I 
still cannot choose the same fonts as I could on my old system.
Looks like there is something wrong with my KDE installation, does anybody 
know which part I have to reinstall to fix this?


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