Udev, libsysfs-2.0.0 (gnome-mount replaces pmount?)

linux23dragon linux23dragon at iprimus.com.au
Sun Jun 18 01:02:42 PDT 2006

Hi I'm back with some results :)

Sorry I took so long to get back, as I was having troubles with getting 
Gnome-2.14.2 working right.

The problems I  had was having no icons, incomplete menus and lots of other 
problems that were solved by making sure I had deleted the hidden 
configuration directory's stored in both the root and user directory's.

And that was after installing Gnome another three times before I had looked 
deeper into the problem.

Any how all is working with the following fixes:

> >   <policy group="100">
> >     <allow
> > send_interface="org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.SystemPowerManagement"/>
> > <allow send_interface="org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.LaptopPanel"/> <allow
> > send_interface="org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.Volume"/>
> >     <allow send_interface="org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.Volume.Crypto"/>
> >   </policy>


In fact, I had made two policy groups (usb and cdrom).  I also forgot to add 
the  "usb" and "cdrom" groups in the /etc/groups file, otherwise the devices 
would still be set as root:root.

> >
> > gnome-volume-manager can be told to ignore the /var/console/$user/lock
> > issue by configuring it with --disable-multiuser.


That did the trick, but I now have all of the hard drive partitions on the 

Has anyone found out how to stop that from happening yet?

> >
> > Also, if you have entries in /etc/fstab for devices you want
> > automounted, hal will return a PermissionDenied error.  I had to run
> > hald with --verbose to figure this out.  I've been thinking about
> > asking on the hal list if they could make this error clearer.
> >


Can I use the fstab to help stop the automounting of unwanted harddrive links 
on the desktop? 

Also, I have noticed that I cant directly umount/eject a device that has a 
automount icon/short cut on the desktop.  I can eject/umount the device with 
the application that was "auto run" when the device was first automounted.

I think I'm over my own head here I think :(

Or It is just me needing a bit of a learning curve on the subject.


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