PPPoE connection using only the PPP package

Alexander E. Patrakov patrakov at ums.usu.ru
Mon Jun 12 22:51:13 PDT 2006

Angel Tsankov wrote:
>> You tried the correct options, not sure why they don't work. The 
>> correct value for mru and mtu is 1492, BTW.
> Hmm, I put "mtu 1492" and "mru 1492" in the /etc/ppp/peers/pppoe file, 
> but I still get the "Couldn't increase MTU to 1500" message:

I need the output of "pppd call pppoe dryrun" in order to debug this.

>>> How can I specify which PPPoE server I want to connect to when more 
>>> than one is available?
>> There are the following options:
>> rp_pppoe_service <string>: Desired PPPoE service name
>> rp_pppoe_ac <string>: Desired PPPoE access concentrator name
>> rp_pppoe_verbose <int>: Be verbose about discovered access concentrators
> These options seem to work. Where are they documented?

I got it directly from the source code :( but I guess that they are documented 
somewhere in the rp-pppoe package.

Alexander E. Patrakov

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