Starting hplip before CUPS Server?

rblythe rblythe714 at
Mon Jun 12 19:15:17 PDT 2006

I have managed to install hplip and it's dependencies and I set the 
printer up with CUPS and printed a test page.

Kernel =
Build = BLFS-SVN (20060411) when I started
CUPS is installed and functioning (used BLFS bootscript)
HPLIP-0.9.10 with dependencies listed at installed

I read somewhere (can't remember the link) that hplip must be started 
before cups.

I have looked at the /etc/inittab that was created during LFS and found 
this line:
id:3:initdefault:     so if I understand this correctly, my system boots 
into rin level 3 (multi-user mode with networking)

Looking at /etc/rc.d/rc3.d (command ls -l) I see (among other items)
S25cups -> ../init.d/cups

I managed to find the script supplied with the hplip-0.9.10 sources 
( and I copied (not moved in case of error on my part):
cp /etc/rc.d/init.d/hplip (done as root) and made it 
executable: chmod +x hplip

Now here is where I am stuck:
Do I only need to created this one link in rc3.d: ln -s ../init.d/hplip 
S23hplip (I am using S23 because it is before S25)
- or - do I need to create simlinks in the other runlevels as well?

I don't plan on installing the desktop environment until then end but 
when I do that and change the /etc/inittab to "5" instead of "3" am I 
right in thinking that I will have to create ln -s ../init.d/hplip 
S23hplip in rc5.d as well?

My reason for asking is that I have viewed each one of the links in the 
various rc?.d directories and I noticed many of them appear more than 
once and I just want to make sure of doing this correctly.  Also, if I 
have and "S" for start to I also need a corresponding "K" for kill (stop)?



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