Gnome and libexec path

Peter B. Steiger wyo_wl001 at
Wed Jun 7 08:24:53 PDT 2006

On Wed, 2006-06-07 at 22:45 +1200, Simon Geard wrote:
> Out of curiosity, do you have similar problems with the various
> calendaring functions? 

Absolutely - Any attempt to go into the calendar functions locks up all
of Evolution, and I had to go to console and kill the process to regain
control of my desktop.

Latest update:  Last night I rebuilt evolution-data-server and evolution
2.6 with various configure switches changed.  Disabling NSS and SMIME
didn't help (I thought it might not be handling my Firefox libraries
correctly), but when I disabled dot-locking and file-locking, both
calendar and contacts worked fine again.  Next chance I get I'll narrow
it down further to see if it's only one of the locking options or both
that are causing the error.

Peter B. Steiger
Cheyenne, WY

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