Problem with tests in NSS-3.11

rblythe rblythe714 at
Sat Jun 3 06:39:32 PDT 2006

rblythe wrote:

> I am trying to build NSS-3.11.
> The patch, configure, and make portions of the instruction work fine.  
> When I attempt to perform the test (as unpriviledged user), I have had 
> mixed results.
> When I have, I get 346 not 770.  I removed 
> everything (rm -Rf nss-3.11) and started over and used 
> This time I get 222 not 770.  I also made sure 
> that I exited out of all sub-shells before starting over.
> I am working from blfs-svn-20060415 and I checked the pages I 
> downloaded against what is on the site now, and the instructions are 
> the same.
> I believe that I am not understaning what a <> is, in 
> order to get this to test properly.  Everything else on my system has 
> compiled, tested, and built without a hitch, so I don't know what I am 
> doing incorrectly.  Is it 100% necessary to have 770 as an end result?
> I did md5sum nss-3.11.tar.gz and my output matched the book so it is a 
> good download.  I am stumped with this one.  Any help will be 
> appreciated.  Also
> Thanks,
> rblythe

After checking the test output .html, I notices that all of the failures 
had to do with TLS and SSL.  The log is too large to post in the e-mail 
(I guess it is time for me to learn how to tar/compress files and not 
just unpack them).

Anyway, could this have something to do with openSSL?  It is installed 
per the BLFS instructions, but the version I installed was openSSL-0.97 
(I think it was"i" in early April when I installed it) not 0.98a or b.

If this turns out to be part (if not all) of the problem, can 
openSSL-0.98b (current BLFS-SVN) be installed without mucking up 
everything else?

Thanks again,


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