xorg-7.1 nvidia and libGL.la

Tasos Drosopoulos drososa at otenet.gr
Sat Jun 3 02:22:55 PDT 2006

Hi all

The Option "RenderAccel" "false" that Dan advised me about, solved the 
problem with binary nvidia font visibility with xorg-7.1.

The problem with requirement of libGL.la for building kdeadmin-3.5.2 
probably came about because I uninstalled manually the binary nvidia 
driver re the previous font visibility problem and tried the build with 
the nv driver. However, I had already build kdelibs and kdebase with the 
nvidia driver in place, so they probably picked up the libGL.la library 
that that driver provides and expect it present for building the other 
kde packages.

Anyway thanks again for the support. Problem solved. On with building the 
rest :)

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