Firefox icon in upper right window corner

Randy McMurchy randy at
Sun Jan 15 13:09:36 PST 2006

Norman Urs Baier wrote these words on 01/15/06 15:00 CST:

> I just tried to install firefox 1.5 and succeeded more or less, though now 
> when starting it, I do not have the firefox icon anymore in the upper right 
> window corner.
> I am using KDE and with firefox 1.0.7 I had this icon. Is this because of 
> firefox, or did I touch some KDE configuration?

I would hazard a guess that nobody is going to be able to help you
as your question is simply too vague. How you set your desktop up,
is how *you* did it. Nobody can really be expected to know how *you*
did it.

As best as I know, installing Firefox (using BLFS instructions
installing from source) doesn't (and never did) automatically put an
icon on the desktop. Perhaps maybe a binary distribution does, but
I wouldn't know.


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