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Randy McMurchy randy at
Sun Jan 1 06:15:35 PST 2006

Dan McGhee wrote these words on 01/01/06 06:34 CST:

> You have listed the modules that are loaded. I don't think that this 
> tells you whether or not your usb drive is available for use. I think 
> that libusb, udev and hotplug will do all of this for you. Of course, 
> you will have to write a udev rule.
> Take a look at the gphoto2 documentation. This explains how to set up a 
> usb digital camera. You could adapt those instructions for your usb 
> drive. I was actually amazed that I could access my digital camera in linux.

My experience is that USB disk drives work with the stock LFS
setup from any recent development version. I don't need libusb.
I don't need to tweak the udev rules or do anything special
with hotplug.

Just plug the disk in and mount it. This is of course, dependent
on the proper modules loaded in the kernel. I have all support
built into the kernel except sd_mod and usb_storage are modules.

Works for me.


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