mailman & php questions

Simon Scheiwiller simon at
Tue Feb 21 15:48:01 PST 2006

Hi all

I need some help with a web project.

I installed a newsletter with mailman and put a php script on the page 
to subscribe to the list. The php script sends a mail to 
newsletter-join at blablabla, then I get two mails from the mailman. One to 
confirm the subscription, and another which says I'm not allow to post 
to the list.
So why do I get that other mail? It should just be sent when someone 
tries to post to newsletter at blablabla.

Then, the more complex part: It's a page of a comitee, so I want people 
to be able to give their names (not their email-adresses) for writing it 
on the page to show who's supporting the goals of the comitee. Of 
course, the names should be checked, too, so it's not possible to write 
just anyones name on the list. It would be perfect to add a checkbox on 
the newsletter-subscription page, so that if you subscribe to the 
newsletter you can give your name to the list at the same time. But 
someone needs to check manually if the e-mail-address is confirmed in 
mailman and then add the name manually to the list. Is there a 
possibility to do that automatically?

Cheers, Simon

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