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Arnie Stender astender at aagstender.org
Tue Dec 26 15:05:17 PST 2006

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Shawn wrote:

> Hi Arnie, I hope you had a merry christmas  too. :)
> For a long time I was confused about the myriad of email options on a 
> linux system. Actually, I still am confused if I plan to run a server 
> for more than local mail.
> So I ask, why do you want to run an email server accessible to the 
> internet? If you are planning to run a server just to receive your 
> personal mail from your isp, it is overkill and I would not bother. 
> Same as you I can access my mail from my isp without encrypted 
> authentication. That is because my isp does not allow pop3 requests 
> from outside its domain. Everything is sent in the clear and i guess it 
> makes sense as my requests for mail don't leave their network. I am a 
> trusted source. I use the same idea when I ask for local mail on my 
> machine. I don't use authentication because I am a trusted source.
> I know this does not answer your questions specifically, but I hope it 
> will help you reevaluate why you want to run an email server.
> Shawn

Hi Shawn,
	I won't take up bandwidth with the long answer to your question but the
nickel version will server to let the list know I am serious about
getting an answer to this question. I have been a Unix System
Administrator for over 21 years now and there have been two things I
have always wanted to do back from the time I first started playing with
my Atari 800. 1) have my own domain. By that I do not mean buy an entry
in someone else's DNS server and some space on their web server for my
home page. As far as aagstender.org goes, I am the ISP. I do have an ISP
that delivers an Internet connection through a DSL modem but my mail,
Web and the DNS for both internal and external requests run on my LFS
server in my office. The only thing my ISP provides is the connection
and the only thing the registrar provides is a record that points any
request to the agstender.org domain to my name server. I do have a mail
account that my ISP supplies but doesn't do much more than collect SPAM.
2) I have always wanted to build a system from the ground up. Until I
found out about LFS I had always assumed that I would just run some
"canned" OS on it. LFS fits right into my dreams.

	My reasons for wanting to have access to my mail from the Internet is
access while I am away from home but mostly for my son. He wants a home
page but doesn't have a lot of money so he is doing the same thing I am
and I am hosting his web page on my server. Mail that comes into his
domain is handled by my mail server and forwarded to his account on my
server. I'm trying to get the pop3 server up and secure to give him
access to that mail from his apartment over the Internet. I am hoping
this list can give me enough information to get my SSL usable by the
pop3 server. I have the feeling I'm close but still missing something.

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