I have a security question for the list

Arnie Stender astender at aagstender.org
Tue Dec 26 11:48:54 PST 2006

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Hi Guys,
	I hope you all had a good holiday. I have a question that is not really
pertaining to the list but you have been my primary source of
information for a long time and I trust that you have the answers that I
need in this case. I am trying to set up a pop3 server that will be
accessible from the Internet. I am using the imap package which contains
imap, pop2 and pop3 servers. I have SSL installed on my LFS 6.1.1 mail
server and have created a private key and certificate as per the
documentation that came with the OpenSSL-0.9.7g package. I am trying to
access my mail from my BLFS workstation with the mail client that came
with the SeaMonkey 1.0.1 (Thunderbird) from my BLFS book. It looks like
the mail server is refusing any connections when I tell the client to
use SSL or secure authentication although I can pick up my mail when the
client is configured to not use either. I am guessing there is still
something wrong with the way I have SSL compiled, installed or
configured. Can someone please point me in the direction I need to go or
what I need to look for? What other information do you need to get me
going? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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