What do I need to play midi files - solved?

Alessandro Alocci alessandro.alocci1 at tin.it
Fri Dec 8 15:05:36 PST 2006

Alle 23:11, venerdì 8 dicembre 2006, Jerzy Goca ha scritto:
> The sound quality from fluidsynth is not very good, much worse than with
> timidity with eawpats.
> (May be I had wrong soundfonts) So I decided to uninstall fluidsynth.
> I compiled timidity again with
> --enable-audio=default,alsa,arts,esd,vorbis,oss and
> --enable-interface=alsaseq
> and launched it as alsa sequencer client.
> timidity -iA -B8,2 -Os
> It works, but it is very processor hungry. Moving KDE windows around
> makes glitches in speakers.
> But it works. I think it must do with the hardware I have...
Hi, I just have read your two e-mails, I try to add some information.
You don't need to run timidity in alsa-sequencer-mode just to play a midifile.
Just run:
timidity file.mid
timidity /usr/share/midifiles/*.mid
Timidity has also several grafical interfaces, 
including a simple but functional gtk interface.
This is the configure I used to compile timidity if you want to compare:

export CFLAGS="-O2 -pipe -march=pentium4 -mtune=pentium4"
./configure --prefix=/usr \
--enable-audio=alsa,oss,nas,portaudio,jack,arts,esd,vorbis,ao,flac,speex \
--enable-dynamic=ncurses,tcltk,gtk,emacs --enable-network \
--enable-spectrogram --enable-server --enable-alsaseq

You can run timidity in alsa-server-mode
so that other applications can use it to render sound, like Kmid, 
Noteedit or Rosegarden. (This can be a little heavy, as you noticed)
Remeber also that you can easily convert your midi files in ogg or wav with 
About soundfonts:
I have tried and use alternatively two version of eawpats (v.10 and v.12)
PC51f.sf2 and CT4MGM.SF2 (the last are the native soundfonts of my soundcard, 
I have find it in the card's cdrom and I don't know if they are also freely 
available on the net)

> Sorry for the off topic discussion. Midi is not in the BLFS.
Oops, too much noise about sound? :-)
HTH, A. Alocci

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