What do I need to play midi files and audio cd?

Jerzy Goca juras at kaptah.homelinux.net
Thu Dec 7 14:29:00 PST 2006

Shawn napisał(a):
> Hi Juras:
> A similar question was just asked in the past week. Look at the 
> blfs-support archives for December and it is the top item.
> AC97 is a generic codec used by soundcards. You still need to know your 
> sound card and find a driver for it.
I read that thread, but it was rather about the alsa not working at all.
My case it is different. My sound and alsa are working perfect.
I can listen to mp3 and the KDE sounds are OK.

However audacious keeps saying that the CD is not audio or is not there
at all in the tray.
But the CD is in the tray and it is audioCD for sure.
I checked the rights for my CD ROM which is /dev/hda: it is root:cdrom 0660
In the /etc/group I have added my user to the cdrom group.
But it seems not to be the access problem, because it keeps saying the
same even if I launch audacious as root.
I haven't install other applications yet. I have only audacious.
And the SDL's testcdrom keeps saying that it cant find any cdrom drives.

It has nothing to do with that, but I can mount data cd-s properly as
any root.


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