What do I need to play midi files and audio cd?

Alessandro Alocci alessandro.alocci1 at tin.it
Thu Dec 7 13:08:52 PST 2006

Alle 20:26, giovedì 7 dicembre 2006, Jerzy Goca ha scritto:
> I must have missed something, but cannot guess what..
> My only audio hardware is the AC'97 chip on the motherboard.
> But I think I should be able to play midi. I installed alsa libraries
> and tools.
No, to play directly midi files on your hardware you need a soundcard
capable to load soundfonts (usually with awesfx)
Instead you can use TiMidity++ to play midi files via software.
Have a look at:
You still need to provide some soundfonts for timidity and write a config
file (/usr/share/timidity.cfg by default)
I have tried and find good the eawpats and PC51f.sf2 but there are also other
soundfonts available for this on the net.

> Audacious plugins told me that it cannot find any midi hardware.
> I must have missed something... In the kernel or I should have install
> some libraries?
If I remember well, audacious should be able to use timidity to play midi 
HTH, A. Alocci

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