gphoto permissions

Randy McMurchy randy at
Mon Dec 4 14:40:40 PST 2006

Alberto Hernando wrote these words on 12/04/06 15:13 CST:
>> Also, watch out that libgphoto2 will overwrite your libltdl from
>> libtool by default. Bad! You can disable it with
>> --disable-ltdl-install --without-included-ltdl, but it still will use
>> the ltdl.h header in the libltdl directory. You can squash that by
>> passing INCLTDL="" to make.
> And.. why bad? I can't decide by myself, as this is one of those libs that I 
> installed just because some programs wanted it, but not because I thought it 
> was great.

Because, as Dan said, it overwrites the library that was installed when
you installed the Libtool package. Typically, you don't want to
overwrite your existing libraries with unknown versions of the library
provided by some other package.


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