printing in heterogenous network

Archaic archaic at
Thu Sep 29 19:34:44 PDT 2005

While in a discussion with a friend, I found that I was not aware of
some of the particulars involved in a certain setup. The following
questions assume a non-postscript printer on a linux box shared via

When a print job comes in over smb from a windows client, and that
client has the correct printer driver installed, is that file already
transformed into what the printer can read? And if so, would the print
server need anything beyond cups? (This is assuming that no one is
printing directly from the print server itself).

Conversely, if the print server was decked out will all the drivers /
filters needed (as if to print directly from the server) do any of the
clients (be they unix-based, windows, or mac) need print drivers for the
specific printer or can they just send postscript and let the server do
the conversion?

My understanding of exactly what each component does is somewhat shaky
even though I've been printing on Linux for years. My understanding of
what a Windows or mac print driver does is non-existant. :)


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