Error While starting Xserver

Chris Staub chris at
Thu Dec 22 08:51:46 PST 2005

Chandan M. C. wrote:
> Hai , 
>  I installed xfree86-4.5 and configured in BLFS .... After configuring I
> tired starting Xserver with "startx" .. But The following error is coming
> . XServer is not starting ... 
>  " Error while loading Shared Libraries ": libXmuu.s0.1
>   " Error while loading Shared Libraries ": libX11.s0.6
> No X Scripts are wokring , For all Shared libraries cannot be loaded error
> is coming .. But all the scripts are present in /usr/X11R6/lib path... 
> I will be thankful If can solve this ... 

Have you followed BLFS instructions by adding /usr/X11R6/lib to and running ldconfig as root?

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