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> >  Iam working on LFS and then i will install BLFS.
> >   After completion of BLFS how to take everything to CD...
> first FAQ.

Fair enough. But where to go for the details of the packages used?
Assuming that the LFS book was followed to the letter, the next
thing to know is how the BLFS was followed to produce the LiveCD:
which packages, what settings, etc. and what were the reasons why
*each* package from BLFS was chosen/discarded for the standard
LiveCD. This would help newbies (this one at least) to appreciate
the kind of decisions that go into setting up a system. There is a
list of packages in the README file, but it's pretty thin on
details. Is there a dedicated nALFS File for the LiveCD? Where?

I must say, the LFS book is excellent: it describes very well why
it follows all the steps it does. The BLFS book is good, but it
does not really give much guidance over the choices of what package
to install or drop: it's more "you can do this or that" without
saying why you might want to do either.

Adding this advice to BLFS and to LiveCD's documentation does sound
a fair amount of work, presumably involving perusing the mail
archives for reasons etc. But it might make the "roll-your-own"
newbie's (ie my) life easier!

Thanks for an excellent site though, and keep it coming!


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