Error while compiling XFree86

Nupur nupurr at
Mon Dec 12 01:46:22 PST 2005

> Excuse me for answering late, but I was out for the
> week-end.
> I've never seen this error in building XOrg, but I
> think it must be a problem with libz. Can you check
> your installation of Zlib, and perhaps reinstall it?
> Don't omiss the 'ldconfig' command after that.
> Regards
> G. Moko

It is perfectly all right. MEan while i was figuring out myself, what to do.
Well, I thought the same about reinstalling zlib and have already
re-installed it.  Then i checked for the symbol definition, if inflate
is defined in zlib or not. I used the command
                              nm /lib/,1 | grep 'inflate'
 and here's the result :
00009840 T inflate
0000bbe0 T inflateBack
0000cc10 T inflateBackEnd
0000bab0 T inflateBackInit_
0000b910 T inflateCopy
0000b370 T inflateEnd
0000b680 T inflateGetHeader
000096e0 T inflateInit2_
00009800 T inflateInit_
00009670 T inflatePrime
000095d0 T inflateReset
0000b3d0 T inflateSetDictionary
0000b6c0 T inflateSync
0000b8e0 T inflateSyncPoint
000116a0 R inflate_copyright
0000d1e0 T inflate_fast
0000cc60 T inflate_table
inflate is very well defined in zlib. So, now what can be the cause of
this issue?

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