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Jonathan Murphy typetosmurky at
Sat Dec 10 09:37:45 PST 2005

Are you worried that gpm will mess up your hotplug scripts? Once you've installed xorg (assuming that you're going to) everything will be fine. You will need to edit /etc/xorg.conf so that X will be expecting the USB mouse. I added this section:
 Section "InputDevice"
     Identifier    "Mouse1"
     Driver        "mouse"
     Option        "Protocol"                  "IMPS/2"
     Option        "Device"                    "/dev/input/mice"
     Option        "Emulate3Buttons"    "off"
     Option        "ZAxisMapping"        "4 5"
 and edited the "ServerLayout" section so that it looks like this:
 Section "ServerLayout"
     Identifier     " Configured"
     Screen      0  "Screen0" 0 0
     InputDevice    "Mouse0" "CorePointer"
     InputDevice    "Mouse1" "AlwaysCore"
     InputDevice    "Keyboard0" "CoreKeyboard"
 Making the USB mouse "AlwaysCore" is probably not a good idea in general, as X will probably fail to start if it's not plugged in, but it would be a matter of editing one line to get it to start, if you're using a notebook and you left the USB mouse at home, for example. 
 Regarding gpm, my /etc/sysconfig/mouse looks like this:
 # Begin /etc/sysconfig/mouse
 # End /etc/sysconfig/mouse
 It hasn't interfered with the hotplug scripts, and makes mc nicer. At some point I'll get around to adding some options, set it up for two mice, tweak the acceleration and so on, but for the moment I'm still trying to get snd-usb-audio to compile. Hope this was helpful.

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