.xinitrc has a different environment?

Lennon Cook maguswizardo at gmail.com
Fri Dec 9 20:09:45 PST 2005

I wrote:
> also set my CHOICESPATH (used  by various ROX apps for locating their
> config files) in /etc/profile  .
Ok, this problem was solved trivially - after some experimenting, I
found that I need to set both XDG_CONFIG_HOME and CHOICESPATH. Which
leaves the first problem, and means that my assumption about what's
causing it (there being a different environment) was a bad one.  Given
that it's now only aliases that aren't working, and given that I
generally don't like using aliases anyway,  I think I will instead go
off in search of a better solution to 'how to put ROX Appdirs in
(made noise, very sorry, etc. :))

Lennon Victor Cook

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