Error in configuration of svgalib

bish at bish at
Sat Dec 3 21:39:06 PST 2005

On Sat, Dec 03, 2005 at 10:32:22AM +0100, Jean-Philippe Mengual wrote:
> Hi,
> On my system  LFS-BLFS, I'd like to install  zgv. It depends
> on  svgalib. I  couldn't install  the stable  release, so  I
> built the  development. Sr far  so good. zgv works  too. But
> there's an orror  I'd like to delete. When I  run zgv, I get
> the picture and also
> "Warning:  you  have not  yet  configured  your mouse  type.
> If  you  have  no  mouse,  setting the  type  to  `none'  in
> /etc/vga/libvga.config  will   get  rid  of   this  annoying
> message.  svgalib:  Failed  to  initialize  mouse.  svgalib:
> Signal 2: Interrupt received (ctrl-c pressed)."
> But  in /etc/vga/libvga.config,  there's a  line uncommented
> which  says "mouse  none". I  tried to  comment other  lines
> below about  the mouse, but  the error is still  present. Is
> there a solution? Maybe  someone experience this problem and
> could tell me what he did.

I have svgalib installed on  a LFS-6.1 (kernel The
svgalib version  is 1.9.21. It is  set up to run  with the old
method of  setting the suid  bits for the  apps. I do  not use
svgalib_ helper.

There are only two svgalib apps  that I use: zgv (ver 5.9) and
links (graphic)  ver 2.1pre18. I  have my mouse  configured in
libvga.config, and have  no issues with either of  the apps. I
use the mouse as a  pointing device under links (graphic). The
relevant section  of my  libvga config  file for  my Microsoft
Optical Mouse is as follows:

# Mouse type:
mouse PS2

# Aceleration
mouse_accel_type  normal	

# Device
mdev             /dev/mouse   # mouse is at /dev/input/mouse0

Why don't you try and set  up the mouse instead of denying its
existance ? May be needed for other svgalib programs which use
the pointing device.


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