Both Thunderbird and Firefox Throw Segmentation Faults

Dan McGhee farmerdan at
Fri Apr 29 15:09:58 PDT 2005

Randy McMurchy wrote:

>Dan McGhee wrote these words on 04/29/05 14:55 CST:
>>For example, shadow wants to install
>>su, chage, chfn,chsh, expiry, gpasswd, newgrp and passwd as SUID.  I 
>>chose only su.
>And just exactly how does the unprivileged user change his password?
>Is it a security thing why you don't want to set these programs to
>operate as they were designed?
I don't know if you'd call this security or not, but the 
un{,der}privileged users in this case are grand kids.  I discovered the 
hard way that little fingers can do great things to boxes of all sorts.  :)

The jury is still out on the management system.  There are times, like 
now, when I suspect that it's the culprit, but I'm not sure.  If it 
causes more problems than it solves then it's not worth it.  The lack of 
posts in this list about similar problems and the silence of those who 
may be using the same system indicates that I'm the only one having 
these problems or I'm one of the few who use this system.  If either is 
true, the answer is obvious.

You made another post, which I'll address after I get some new bees in 
their hives.



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