Nautilus and Image viewing

Jon Grosshart jgrosshart at
Tue Apr 12 10:56:58 PDT 2005

Andrew Benton wrote:
> Jon Grosshart wrote:
>> gthumb should most definitely be included in the book before Eye Of
>> Gnome, seeing as how the developers intended gthumb to take over old
>> behavior.
> So do the images open in gthumb or Nautilus? For me nautilus will only
> show the
> little thumbnails of images and if I click on one it launches The Gimp
> or Gthumb or
> Imagemagick or whatever, the images have never opened in Nautilus.

First, sorry for the order of my replies. I have had serious issues
with my news reader and smtp lately. I have to send these thru web

They open not in Nuatilus, but whatever image program you specify.
Image viewing is no longer integrated with Nautilus like it has been
for years. I'm pretty sure EOG is meant to be the default handler for
images in 2.8.x, not gthumb.. gthumb droped a mime type on the install
but EOG didn't (atleast not that I can find). I think by running
update-desktop-database, EOG registered itself as the top handler for
images as long as you haven't specified anything else. Even if you
have, it may still take control, I don't know. I've poked and prodded
so much over the past week that I'm not sure what is going on now....

This really irritates me. I cannot fathom why, with each sucessive
release of Gnome, that they continue to split it up into MORE
programs. It's absolutley absurd IMO. While reading up on 2.10, they
are still doing it. You can no longer shutdowm or reboot from within
X. That function is now integrated into GDM. You can only log out if
you boot into init3. They have also loused up other things as well and
called it an improvement. 2.8.3 is the last release of Gnome that I
use. I'm tired of it. It's a shame really, because I've always been a
big Gnome fan and dislike KDE. With these so called improvements along
with it being finicky to install, it's no wonder Pat is dropping it
from Slackware. I don't blame him. I fully expect other Distro's to do
the same.

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