Browse a local network?

Andrew Benton andy at
Thu Apr 7 07:45:53 PDT 2005

Simon Geard wrote:
> Gnome has the same feature in nautilus - just try a url like
> ssh://user@host (or sftp: - both work). Or use the connect-to-server
> menu option.
I'm sure I sent a reply to this nearly a week ago (thunderbird thinks so too, it's in 
the sent folder) but people seem to still be replying to my original post, and 
looking through the archive it seems my reply never made it...
Thankyou Simon. That suggestion worked perfectly, it was exactly what I was looking 
for. It never occurred to me that it would be so simple. I had Openssh installed on 
both machines (cvs use ssh for secure authentication) but I had only run ssh as the 
client. All I had to do was install the ssh bootscripts to run it as a server and 
configure gnome to use it. Now I can browse the other machine with nautilus and drag 
and drop from one machine to the other. Perfect!
Thanks to Declan to for the suggestion to use ftp. I'm pretty sure it would work too 
but I haven't tried it as ssh is working really well. Also, thanks to Craig and Mike 
who also suggested ssh. It was Simon's detail of how to use the url in Nautilus that 
did the trick though.
Sorry this reply has taken so long. I should have checked the first one made it to 
the list

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