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Jim Gifford lfs at jg555.com
Mon Apr 4 15:36:30 PDT 2005

Perkins, Dennis wrote:

> I just installed a D-Link DWL-AG660 wireless card in my laptop. I 
> compiled pcmcia-cs and madwifi to make it work. The only problem is 
> that it does not automatically set up my connection. I can establish 
> the network connection manually by doing this:
> Ifconfig ath0 up
> dhcp ath0
> I’ve been trying to figure out why I need to do this by hand. There is 
> a file called /etc/pcmcia/network.opts that has a setting for DHCP, 
> and it looks like /etc/pcmcia/network use this file.
> Some documentation also says that I should hear one or two beeps when 
> the card is detected, but there are no beeps. I don’t know if this is 
> significant or not.
You shouldn't need pcmcia-cs. Take a loot at my wireless services 
scripts, I can work with your to get them working. I use my laptop with 
the prism54 driver, and I beleive your card is also a 32 bit cardbus 
card, so you don't need pcmcia-cs tools.

Just make sure you have hotplug setup, and try these. 

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