Short questions on DHCP

D.Moriarty declan.moriarty at
Wed Oct 20 06:39:57 PDT 2004

I'm not getting going with DHCP, and have found it difficult to
make sense of why. Every one else does it in their sleep, but that
isn't much use to me. Both the linux daemons just get to
DHCPDISCOVER and time out. They apparently get no answer

Windows sets up. ipconfig /all (In windoze) gives me
hostname  GENIUS
dhcp derver -
dns server -
netmask -
gateway -
IP -
Beyond that, it appears to use nothing fancy.

The setup scripts in linux are a mess, so I want to set it manually
once and then get the scripts to do what works. Manually adding routes
and configuring
modprobe eth0
ifconfig <options>
route add <several>
as suggested in various docs to get on using an existing lease fails
Why? The only difference I can spot is in the case of the hostname

Likewise asking NTL, who assure me that the cable
modem assigns the IP to the box it operates off and consequently
I don't need any info. NTL do talk more crap than sense, but
it's an ntl badged cable modem. Could that be?

The guy who put installed this lifted a serial number from it and
rang it in. Is that an item of information used in the protocol?

A little port scan under windows showed the system has the BOOTP
instead of DHCP on port 67, but the windoze box listens on port 68.


    Declan Moriarty

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