NTL and their probs --> DHCP

D.Moriarty declan.moriarty at ntlworld.ie
Tue Oct 19 01:51:31 PDT 2004

Jason Gurtz wrote:

>On 10/18/2004 06:20, D.Moriarty wrote:
>>I am unsure whether I am now on ntl.ie, or ntlworld.ie. I have no IP or 
>>anything to try and fix a few options on. Using "Route print"
>>from a dos box gives me and which  appear to be 
>>dns servers. I also see (Ripe in Holland
>>again). Where is asssniffer when you need it? (Part of a trojan - sub 
>>seven, I think, which sniffs IPs.)
>If the dude set you up with the new service in windows you can find out
>what it's using with `ipconfig /all` at the command prompt.  That should
>get you closer to what you need in order to set up your Linux box.

EXCELLENT! You would have to work through several levels of management 
to get that sort of
stuff from  NTL. They haven't one dos command between the lot of them.

>Telcos are such a pain...
To be fair, the guy who set me up was a contractor from ICL who had been 
drafted in to lash in equipment
for people, and really didn't know what he was doing. The wiring he got 
done in jig time. They just  hadn't
trained him which part of a pc you type on.

    Thanks a bunch. I had only found winipconfig. I should have asked on 
a BSD list - That's where M$ got their network
stuff anyhow.

    Declan Moriarty

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