Mozilla 1.6 crashes

DJ Lucas dj at
Mon Oct 11 20:32:13 PDT 2004

AaronL wrote:
> Hi,
> I just tried out the precompiled version of Mozilla-1.6 and it doesn't 
> crash.  With or with Java / Javascript enabled, my self compiled mozilla 
> crashes.  I'm beginning to suspect a problem with the gcc3.3.3 
> compiler.  I had another crash, segmentation fault problem with xmms 
> when exiting.  The xmms problem went away when I recompiled xmms and 
> glib-1.2 with gcc2.95.3.  Recompiling with gcc3.3.3 again still made 
> xmms crash. Maybe I'll have to see if I can recompile Mozilla with 
> something other than gcc3.3.3 to see what happens. Without recompiling, 
> I'm attaching the gdb btrace of the crash...
> Aaron.

GDB output doesn't mean much to me, but certainly does for others here, 
but it's interesting that gcc-3.3.3 seems to be the culprit.  And don't 
doubt that based soley on my report, but the whole system here uses 
3.3.3.  Here are my versions for reference:

[dj at name1 dj]# ld --version
GNU ld version 20040415

[dj at name1 dj]# gcc --version
gcc (GCC) 3.3.3

[dj at name1 dj]# /lib/
GNU C Library unstable (20040408) release version 2.3.4, <snip>

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