building tcl under uClibc

zoltan 6zoltan8 at
Sat Nov 20 20:03:37 PST 2004

Several days of groping on google and lfs have left me 
I dare post a question...

Has anyone built tcl on a uClibc-based system?

It seems that tcl is quite insistent on NOT compiling with 
_ISOC99_SOURCE, which is what is apparantly defined by uClibc, and leads 
to a rather abrupt error about 'timezone'...:

../generic/tclClock.c:314: error: `timezone' undeclared

This, after... ./configure --prefix=/opt/uClibc-0.9.26/tools
which produced (among other things)

checking for required early compiler flags... _ISOC99_SOURCE

When compiled against glibc, a-la standard chapter 5, tcl ./configure 
... produced:

checking for required early compiler flags...  _LARGEFILE64_SOURCE

So...being completely in the dark about the features.h and the magic 
that happens therein, can this even be done?

I've tried hand tweaking various -D_GNU_SOURCE, etc... type of things, 
and while they get me past the initial 'timezone' error, they choke on 
other things, and seem a bit a too disruptive to work anyways.  I would 
think that there's a simple solution somewhere.  Assuming that tcl can 
even be built on uClibc.  Hence my question:  I'm trying to build 
chapter 5 lfs with uClibc instead of glibc, and have been quite 
successful, as far as binutils and gcc (and of course uClibc), and can 
build chapter 6 with uClibc, as far as gcc, and then from there I've 
successfully built things like busybox against the new uClibc-based 
toolchain, and everything is perfectly happy.  However, I thought I 
would try the complete ch. 5 and ch. 6 builds (I must like pain) with 
uClibc, and get as far as tcl in ch. 5 with the above errors.

What did I miss, besides a girlfriend and a life :-) ?


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