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GCZ geeceezee at
Fri Nov 12 13:51:47 PST 2004

John Galbrit wrote:
> Lately I've been playing around in a GUI and came across things I have
> no idea about. I have installed alsa, audiofile, libao, realplayer,
> mpg123, java (binary), and gaim. If I listen to music in real or
> mpg123, java and gaim become silent. If I'm playing a gaim in java and
> someone IM's me, I don't hear it until I stop playing the game. Then
> all the gaim events come at once as if they have been queued. Can I
> have multiple streams playing at once?

Not every ALSA driver is equal in quality. I couldn't play multiple 
streams at once either (I have a Terratec Aureon 5.1 Sky) until I sent a 
bug report ( about it. For a 
few months nothing happened, until a guy from Denmark started looking 
into it. From that moment on, it took him about a month or so to fix 
everything I could rant about, helped by my constant feedback. Now the 
driver for my soundcard is even better than its Windows counterpart in 
some respects.

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