ian gordon iangordon at orcon.net.nz
Sat Nov 6 00:41:16 PST 2004

Simon Geard wrote:

>Has anyone here played with HAL on an LFS system? I'm having a few
>issues getting it built.
>1. It looks for the files pci.ids and usb.ids. Only the former is
>mandatory and a copy can be found under the kernel sources, but does
>anyone know where the official site for these files is? A search finds a
>lot of distro packages (hwdata) but no clear way of finding what the
>current version is or where to find it.
>2. If I drop in the copy of pci.ids from the kernel tree, it gets past
>that check (usb.ids seems optional), but fails finding headers for
>libcap, specifically sys/capability.h. It builds successfully if I
>symlink to linux/capability.h, but I'm not sure if this is a fault in
>the LFS system or in what HAL is looking for...
>So, can anyone answer those questions?
sys/capability.h is provided by libcap and actually includes 
linux/capability.h -- I installed libcap-1.10 which worked fine.


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