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Declan Moriarty declan.moriartyt at
Thu May 20 04:47:25 PDT 2004

Tony Sequeira enlightened us
> [Fairly long]
> Hi all,
> Hope you don't mind if I pick your brains.
> A little background.
> I recently set up my laptop (IBM TP 600E) to retrieve (fetchmail) email
> from my POP mailboxes, and run this mail through spamassassin.   I want
> to install BELFS on my desktop, so I need some way to fetch my mail,
> while it's out of action.
> All this is hunky dory, except that the volume of mail when I come home
> at the end of the day is enough to push the load average up to 67% and
> more, quite scary I tell you.  It takes well over an hour before it
> settles and is usable.
> This make me keen to run a permanent POP mail retrieval (with SPAM
> Assassin and a virus checker) on my server, with web mail access for
> the family.  I have been searching the web and have come up with the
> following, just wondering if anyone has any comments, or better ideas. 
> Cheers.

I take it you have a permanent connection? House Lan? Broadband?
> fetchmail retrieving the familys email from many POP3 mailboxes.
> gotmail doing the same for the hotmail accounts.
> I believe there is a yahoo/hotmail POP program out there, maybe I'll
> use that instead.
> Postfix/SPAM Assassin/AmavisD? checks all messages, marks as SPAM,
> cleans (deviruses?) and delivers to local mailboxes.

If this doesn't work quickly (spamassassin can be a bitch to set up) try
procmail for local delivery when you want to get clever. Ideally you
want to sideline spam early on to save bandwidth
> Squirrelmail (or similar) for POP/IMAP access, reckon I need
> Apache/Cyrus/MySQL here from my research.

Don't follow this. Why? Have you IMAP? Do you need these to support

> Am I on the right track?  

What's the right track? There are 150 right tracks.

> I cannot find a howto that covers *exactly*
> what I want to do, hence this posting. 

Write one (says he, always quick to give others work) :-)

> I'm not asking for a breakdown
> of how to accomplish my aims, 
GOOD! :)

>just pointers.
> Thank you for reading this far, (if you have).
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> Tony
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