email solution?

Tony Sequeira tony at
Thu May 20 04:05:08 PDT 2004

[Fairly long]

Hi all,

Hope you don't mind if I pick your brains.

A little background.

I recently set up my laptop (IBM TP 600E) to retrieve (fetchmail) email
from my POP mailboxes, and run this mail through spamassassin.   I want
to install BELFS on my desktop, so I need some way to fetch my mail,
while it's out of action.

All this is hunky dory, except that the volume of mail when I come home
at the end of the day is enough to push the load average up to 67% and
more, quite scary I tell you.  It takes well over an hour before it
settles and is usable.

This make me keen to run a permanent POP mail retrieval (with SPAM
Assassin and a virus checker) on my server, with web mail access for
the family.  I have been searching the web and have come up with the
following, just wondering if anyone has any comments, or better ideas. 

fetchmail retrieving the familys email from many POP3 mailboxes.
gotmail doing the same for the hotmail accounts.
I believe there is a yahoo/hotmail POP program out there, maybe I'll
use that instead.

Postfix/SPAM Assassin/AmavisD? checks all messages, marks as SPAM,
cleans (deviruses?) and delivers to local mailboxes.

Squirrelmail (or similar) for POP/IMAP access, reckon I need
Apache/Cyrus/MySQL here from my research.

Am I on the right track?  I cannot find a howto that covers *exactly*
what I want to do, hence this posting.  I'm not asking for a breakdown
of how to accomplish my aims, just pointers.

Thank you for reading this far, (if you have).


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