More sound weirdness followup

David Jensen djensen at
Tue Mar 30 17:47:26 PST 2004

David Barron wrote:
> Audio device open for 44.1Khz, stereo, 16bit failed
> Trying 44.1Khz, 8bit stereo.
> Audio device open for 44.1Khz, stereo, 8bit failed
> Trying 48Khz, 16bit stereo.

What application gave the above report?

> Sound recorder is still not able to play wav files, but cd player works 
> fine.
playing cd's doesn't use the soundcard except as a final amplifier
in that there is just an audio cable to the sound module.  playing 
.wav's, .mpg's etc.,  the audio is generated by pcm on the chip.

Has sound ever worked? other than cd's

David Jensen

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