Gnome Help vs. Luddites

John Gay johngay at
Fri Dec 17 10:59:04 PST 2004

On Friday 17 December 2004 09:35, Jeremy Utley wrote:
> Declan Moriarty wrote:
> >>Other than that, I don't have a clue what could be wrong. The GNOME
> >>desktop is growing on me. I have always preferred KDE. Now I sit on the
> >>fence. There's good and not-so-good with both.
> >
> >As someone who feels he wants NEITHER kde or gnome, just looking at
> >the instances of complaints here is revealing. I don't know what
> >current versions of either look like. But the issues reported here are
> >different. My archives on gmail (Last month or two) have 8 threads
> >about kde, 15 about gnome
> >
> >gnome: continual writhing agony about upgrading dependencies,
> >installation issues.
> >kde: The odd complaint about sound, "This bell is silent, or this
> >whistle is out of tune"
> Most of this is the different philosophy in packaging for GNOME vs KDE.
> KDE has like 10 packages, but they're very large, and contain a lot of
> parts in each package, and each one is versioned identically.
Which makes it quite easy to install and upgrade. Also, many other KDE-type 
apps are designed to a specific version of KDE, making it even easier to know 
what will work. This is largely due to KDE being organised through one group.

> GNOME has many more packages, but they are smaller.  They also don't
> really have a standard version number, so you have to pay attention to
> which versions of each package work together properly.
This is because Gnome is based on many different libs created by different 
groups for different reasons. Each little package does one job well, but is 
on it's own timescale. The Gnome team link these together into a Desktop but 
it's a nightmare to stay on top of what versions of each work together for a 
working desktop.

This is why I prefer KDE. That's my personal choice based on my wants and 
needs and inability to keep up with Gnome's quickly moving target.

But that's just my observation and I respect other peoples preference for 


	John Gay

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