Gnome Help vs. Luddites

Jeremy Utley jeremy at
Fri Dec 17 01:35:08 PST 2004

Declan Moriarty wrote:

>>Other than that, I don't have a clue what could be wrong. The GNOME
>>desktop is growing on me. I have always preferred KDE. Now I sit on the
>>fence. There's good and not-so-good with both.
>As someone who feels he wants NEITHER kde or gnome, just looking at
>the instances of complaints here is revealing. I don't know what
>current versions of either look like. But the issues reported here are
>different. My archives on gmail (Last month or two) have 8 threads
>about kde, 15 about gnome
>gnome: continual writhing agony about upgrading dependencies,
>installation issues.
>kde: The odd complaint about sound, "This bell is silent, or this
>whistle is out of tune"
Most of this is the different philosophy in packaging for GNOME vs KDE.

KDE has like 10 packages, but they're very large, and contain a lot of 
parts in each package, and each one is versioned identically.

GNOME has many more packages, but they are smaller.  They also don't 
really have a standard version number, so you have to pay attention to 
which versions of each package work together properly.


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