fontconfig question

Dale Stein dstein2 at
Fri Apr 30 12:45:57 PDT 2004

>From Dale Stein
I have been having a slight problem to say the least with fontconifg-2.2.1.
I build X-Free and then installed freefonts and fontconfig thinking that it
would overwrite the older version installed by X.  It did not because
gimp(2.x) could not find fontconfig > 2.2.0.. Strangely enough, I could no
longer get fontconfig to configure again.   It would spit out the #error
message from the top of /usr/include/freetype2/freetype/fontonfig.h and
exit. So I deleted all of X  dirs , pkgconfig directories. /etc/fonts  and
made the basic LFS utils then most of the BLFS libraries and then finally
expat, freetypes and fontconfig.   It did work,   but I have a question.  In
the instructions for fontconfig it said to place three x-11 directories into
/etc/fonts/local.conf   Where exactly in this script should they be placed
???   And 2..   how does one stop xfree from making it's own version of
Thanks in advance.

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