acpi and acpid

Duane Cox duanec at
Thu Apr 29 13:20:28 PDT 2004

Well I am running kernel 2.4.25

I downloaded the latest kernel patch for 2.4.25 from intel and applied it.  Now when I run acpi_listen I can see that NOW I am getting the power button messages as before I was not...

But for some reason the acpid is not running the init 0 script when these messages come in.  It must be a config error.  I am checking into that.

acpid-1.0.3 ....


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>I compiled ACPI into the kernel as well as the button and other various features.  I also compiled the acpid, following the hints and have it setup.
>But when I hit the power button on this server and the other server (different hardware) neither one shuts down.
>My question is, is there a file in /proc/acpi that I can monitor for the event change when I press the power button?
>At this point Im not sure the ACPI is working.  Even though they are new 2004 servers and ACPI is detected and enabled on bootup of the kernel....
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