vincent.vandaele at vincent.vandaele at
Thu Apr 29 10:19:29 PDT 2004

>> When I run
>> reboot on a xterm
>> I have
>> bash : command not found
>> I mus go to sbin and do ./reboot
>> an idea?
>> thanks
> Check the PATH of your xterm
> echo $PATH
> When I do echo $PATH I have
> etc:/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/X11R6/bin:/usr/uvb
> Now what can I do?
> thanks

Hey, Vince, you ever heard the expression "RTFM"?

How about

The point of LFS is to provide a context in which users can *teach themselves Linux*.  If this sounds harsh, consider that I was a newbie once, too.  But a lot of the questions you're asking are questions you could answer if you take the time.


But Lfs is my project gor my diplome and I haven't lot of times that the reason's why I asked lots of questions


Internet simplement moins cher avec Tele2 :

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