nvidia geforce4 drivers

Andre Müller andre.muller at web.de
Thu Apr 29 06:29:19 PDT 2004

i installed that proprietory driver
on my debian box,

(which went nicely, btw)

and i remember READING THE DOC
that told me that the driver
is kernel-specific,
and tries to work out which kernel
u have. it either has a
built-in configuration,
OR tries to download one of the many
profiles there are on their server
in addition.

(in my case, he came around asking if
he should skim nvidias database,
and got it working)

but the doc continued that if that also fails,
it meant either another kernel or work for you.

but anyways: an nvidia binary driver on lfs???
that's the spirit...

i gather that yomeone on this list mentioned
the reengineered sources for the geeforce
are working rather nicely by now.

perhaps try these.

i am rather shure that you as living on the bleeding
edge with lfs, your kernel is way too new for
nvidia to support it yet.

it should have to be of an age as to be included in
a distro.

so either go back to old kernel (mine is 2.4.6 or something)
or try the free alternetives
or go to depths with the nvidia documentation.



vincent.vandaele at tele2.fr wrote:
> Hello
> I have an Albatron geforce4 TI4280EP
> I download the drivers for linux and I run it with
> - sh pilote_linux_ia32_1.0-5336_linux.run
> But I have errors that I don'ut understood
> It says that I must download the module for the kernel
> I send with this mail the nvdia_installer.log
> Thanks
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