Woes with xpdf-3.00

Ulrich Fahrenberg uli at math.aau.dk
Wed Apr 28 15:04:05 PDT 2004

I just subbed to blfs-sup again, so forgive my ignorance if this is a
known issue:

I'm having what looks to my untrained eye like a memory-leak issue with
xpdf-3.00. I have a pdf file,


which displays perfectly with xpdf-2.02. When I try to watch it with
xpdf-3.00, the xpdf process ends up effectively halting my computer
(with 512MB RAM):

8820 uli 12 0 429m 413m 3328 D 12.3 82.0 0:04.88 xpdf

Quitting xpdf (sending the window a "Destroy" request) kills the window
but not the process, kill -9 does.

Can you reproduce this? Is this expected behaviour?? I'm running
essentially LFS-4.1 (yeah, I know...), with "symlink-style" package
management and various upgrades. Notably I've got linux-2.4.26 (with the
"fancy swapping" configuration option disabled) and lesstif-0.93.94.
Both lesstif and xpdf were installed after linux-2.4.26.

What gives?

Uli Fahrenberg -- http://www.math.auc.dk/~uli
GETCO 2004 -- http://www.math.auc.dk/~uli/getco04

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