flat list for blfs package dependencies...

zoltan fmzoltan at mindspring.com
Tue Apr 27 20:56:54 PDT 2004

Don't know if this is feasible, but I could certainly make good use of it...

The BLFS book very nicely lists the required packages for any given 
package.  There is (necessarily) a lot of overlap.  Nevertheless, it is 
a hierarchical dependency list, as it is, just on a package-by-package 

What I would find useful, is if that hierarchical dependency list could 
be flattened into a single text file, with one package per line, with 
the property that each package depends only on packages already 
previously listed.

The information to do this is already in the BLFS book, but extracting 
it from the XML or HTML is not my area of expertise.  Can anyone help?


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